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Compound Bows

We are dealers for Bear, Elite, and Quest.

When you purchase a bow from our store we will set it up for you free of charge, and put on any accessory you want us to. However, when you purchase from another store we will still set it up for you and you can look at those fees on our services page.


Bear Legit RTH


Bear Legit is a Ready-to-Hunt Package that comes either right or left handed in 11 different colors and patterns. The draw weight range is 10-70lbs which makes it fantastic for those just getting into archery.


Bear Adapt RTH


The Bear Adapt bow in the ready-to-hunt package comes either right or left handed and ranges from 45-60lbs or 55-70lbs. This bow shoots up to 320FPS and comes in four different colors and patterns.


Bear Adapt


The Bear adapt bow is offered in only one pattern but is rated for 320 FPS in either right or left handed. Just as the Adapt RTH you can get this bow in 45-60lbs or 55-70lbs but you get the opportunity to outfit your bow with all the accessories you want.


Bear Legend XR


The Bear legend XR is one of their most popular bows with the 85% let off to its new limb dampeners to reduce the vibrations significantly. This bow comes in left or right handed options that includes five colors and patterns in a draw weight range of 14-70lbs.


Bear Legend XR RTH


The Legend XR RTH package is just like the legend XR bow but comes in seven color options instead of the five and also comes with Trophy Ridge accessories that will make shooting this bow a dream.

whitetail_legend_pro_fred_bear2__96747 (1).webp

Bear Whitetail Legend Pro


This Bear bow made its debut in 2022 and has since become a staple for the compact bowhunting spaces. Its 30" axle-to-axle frame makes it easy for avid hunters to make the perfect shot of the season. This bow is offered in right or lefthanded frames and is offered in seven different colors and patterns. It also comes with two draw weight ranges, one being 45-60lbs and the other 55-70lbs.


Bear Alaskan


In 2022 the alaskan bow was reintroduced to promote stability and increased accuracy due to the reduced vibrations as well as the new relaxes 80% let off without sacrificing anything bear bows had to offer before. This bow is offered in the typical four patterns and colors and is offered in 45-60lbs or 55-70lbs.


Bear Execute 30


The Execute 30 is 2023's debut bow as it has over 90 years of innovation and passion packed into one compact package. This bow is rated up to 340 FPS with upgraded limbs and a revolutionary riser that fits even the most passionate hunter. This bow is offered 8 patterns and has the option to be 45-60lbs or 55-70lbs in draw weight.


Bear Execute 32


The Execute 32 is very similar to the execute 30 but instead of the ergonomic compact design the 32 is 32" axle-to-axle. This allows the bow to be maneuverable as well as stable to ensure every shot in the field is lethal. This bow comes in eight color options and two draw weight options.


Elite Basin


Elite strives to make the smoothest and most comfortable bows even for the most avid hunters, and they succeeded in creating a very versatile bow called the Basin. This bow is rated up to 315 FPS and is available in left and right handed frames. This bow is offered in four colors and has a draw weight range of 20-70lbs.


Elite Basin RTS


The Elite basin ready-to-shoot package is the same bow as the Basin but it is outfitted with Tactic accessories so it is ready to go as soon as you leave the store.


Elite Remedy


The Elite remedy maintains the comfortable smooth shooting of every other bow while accommodating the longer draw lengths of other hunters. With updated cams and modular systems, this elite bow is making strives in the hunting world with its smooth draw cycling. With 14 available colors and patterns as well as many draw weight options this bow is a great option for whatever activity someone is doing.


Elite Envision


The envision bow is a target bow-inspired hunting machine for avid hunters striving to have the deadliest shot of the season. This bow is offered in 15 colors and patterns with varying draw weights. This varying bow is outfitted with upgraded technology to make sure that it conforms to the many different shooting styles that people have.


Elite Embark


The Embark bow is an older yet equally impressive bow as it is designed to be as smooth shooting as the newest models but at a more affordable price point. Rated up to 350 FPS this bow is a great bow for beginners and intermediate shooters.


Elite Ember


Elite bows are known to be the best shooting bow and arrow and the Elite ember is a prime example of a fantastic bow for a beginner and intermediate shooters. With a draw weight that ranges from 10-70lbs, this bow is a great option for those just getting into shooting and wanting to expand their knowledge of shooting with a high-quality bow that is affordable.


Elite Ember RTS


The ready-to-shoot ember package includes a 3-pin Tactic adjustable sight as well as a quiver, stabilizer, and rest so the bow is ready to shoot as soon as it is customized to the customer's specifications. The Ember RTS package is great for shooters of all ages for whatever opportunity they are taking.


Elite ReZult 36


The ReZult 36 is one of the newer bows that Elite has innovated with its 36" axle-to-axle and the 70-85% let off it is sure to impress everybody who picks it up. The goal of this bow is to allow even the most competitive shooter to build a bow that is most comfortable for their unique shooting forms and styles.


Quest Centec


The Quest Centec bow is equipped with a top-of-the-line performance at a more affordable price for those with a budget. With, top-notch technology Cyntec can help you stay on target as well as get on target quickly and efficiently to make that winning shot.

Did you find another bow that you are interested in from Bear, Elite, or Quest? Give us a call and we can see if we can order it for you to your exact specifications!

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