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We are dealers for Ravin, Wicked Ridge, and Tenpoint.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or message us! Take a look at our services page for any bow work you may need!


Wicked Ridge Raider 400


The Raider 400 is outfitted with a D1 trigger, a collapsible stock, and an acu-draw de-cocking device to make this crossbow as comfortable and reliable as possible.

Wicked Ridge Invader 400


The Invader 400 is rated for speeds up to 400 feet per second but is created with affordability and sustainability in mind. While this crossbow is more affordable than some, it is still a proven tack driver and can be someones forever bow.

Tenpoint Titan M1


The Tenpoint Titan M1 can shoot up to 370 FPS and is rated to be incredibly easy to use and is outfitted with Tenpoint's de-cocking device.

Tenpoint Titan De-Cock


This crossbow is Tenpoints most popular choice and is now being offered with Tenpoint's de-cocking device to make it even more enticing.

Wicked Ridge Rampage XS


The Wicked Ridge Rampage XS is a more affordable crossbow with a lot of different options to make it perfect for you and will ensure that it will last a lifetime.

Ravin R500


If you are looking to be the envy of all your friends the Ravin R500 is the crossbow for you because it is sure to impress with its ability to shoot over 500 FPS and be lethal to everything in the path of the arrow.

Ravin R29X


If you are looking for a compact yet lethal crossbow, look no further than the R29X with its silent functioning and its ability to shoot up to 450 FPS it is sure to make every hunting trip a success.

Ravin R26X


As one of Ravin's most compact bows, this model is great for long hikes in the woods and climbing up into tree stands as silently as possible. Measuring right at 26" and weighing right at six and a half pounds this bow is as lethal as the rest shooting at 400 FPS.

Ravin R10X


As an upgrade from this bows predecessor the R10X gives the consumer 20 more feet per second making it a whopping 420 FPS for the most lethal shot. Not only that but with helicoil technology the cocking mechanism is as silent as you want to ensure that nothing ruins that perfect moment in the woods.

Ravin R5X


For those wanting a crossbow that is compact and just as lethal as the rest look no further than the R5X. Coming in at just 31" in length and weighing just over 6lbs this bow is great for long hiking trips when attempting to get the bucket list kill of the year.

Ravin R10


The Ravin R10 is a very reliable and durable crossbow that has a built-in cocking system and has the ability to shoot up to 400FPS. The entire length of this bow is 33" making it compact enough for those long hikes to find the perfect deer.

If you find a crossbow from Ravin or Tenpoint that is not listed, we can order it for you!

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